The Apostle employs the Scriptures more in Romans than in any of his other letters. Scripture, Texts, and Tracings in Romans advances the interpretation of Romans by exploring how the Apostle Paul quoted, alluded to, or “echoed” the Jewish Scriptures. Identification of allusions is at the forefront, as are questions of methodology, the texture of Paul’s theology, his understanding of Scripture, and implications for other areas of Pauline studies, such as empire-criticism.


Christians have been reading Paul’s letter to Rome out of context for nearly 2,000 years. In modern day readings of Romans the quotations of, allusions to, and echoes of Paul’s scripture and other ancient writings are easily missed. But when they are, or when they are just noted in the margin, then the dialogical character of Paul’s writings is easily missed, and the depth of his interaction with his theological tradition easily lost to sight. These essays should help to put a stop to that, enabling readers to enter into the echo-chamber of Pau’s thought and thereby helping readers to hear with the ears of the first-century readers/hearers – that is, to hear what Paul intended the recipients of his letter to hear. Who could ask for more?

James D. G. Dunn

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Lexington Books/Fortress Academic

Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-9787-0471-8

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Release Date: April 2021